20 Common Questions About Moducare and Sterolin

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What are sterols and sterolins?

Sterol is a plant fat found in all plant-based foods. Sterolin is its glucoside, a molecular structure joined to the sterol. Sterolin is easily destroyed, and without it, the sterol does not have the same immune-enhancing benefits. Moducare™ uses a proprietary process to preserve the ideal combination of sterols and sterolins.

Is there any research behind this product?

Research on sterols has been underway since the 1920s, and Professor Bouic has been researching the exact combination of sterols and sterolins found in Moducare™ for over a decade. There has been extensive testing and clinical trials, including placebo-controlled, double-blind studies. The work of Professor Bouic and others has been published in prestigious, peer-reviewed international journals.

What is the connection with the African Potato?

The supplement Moducare™ was never extracted from this plant. The original research on sterols and sterolins was based on an extract of the Hypoxis plant or "African Potato". Due to the presence of other potentially harmful substances contained within the Hypoxis plant, other plants were investigated as sources for the sterols and sterolins.

Why is the "sterolin" such an important part of the Moducare™ formulation?

In nature, plants never contain sterols only. The sterols are always associated with their glucoside "sterolin" (a glucose molecule attached to the sterol molecule). Research has shown quite clearly that the blend of sterols/sterolins in a 100:1 ratio exhibits the best immunomodulatory activity.

If I eat a healthy diet, can I not obtain enough sterols and sterolins to balance my immune system?

Our intake of animal fats often exceeds our plant fat intake. Further, many people destroy or remove the plant fats by their cooking methods. Frozen vegetables, once thawed, can release enzymes which destroy the important sterolin component. Even if we do ingest sufficient quantities of sterols/sterolins in our daily diet, less than 5% is absorbed by our body since the plant fats are so tightly bound to the fibre of the plant.

Are there any side effects?

Long-term studies involving 25,000 humans found no significant side effects. In addition, standard toxicology studies, pre-clinical testing and clinical observations have found no adverse effects.

Are there any contraindications?

Recipients of foreign organs and tissues, including bone marrow and corneal transplants, are cautioned not to take any immune regulating nutritional supplements. Therefore, sterols and sterolins are NOT recommended for transplant patients. People with synthetic replacement/reconstruction will not be affected, eg. hip, knee, breast, pacemaker.

Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar closely as many have experienced a reduction in insulin requirements. They should start with one capsule daily to ensure a gradual increase in sterols and sterolins.

People with multiple sclerosis should take plant sterols and sterolins only under the guidance of their health care practitioner.

Can I take Moducare™ with my medication or other supplements?

There are no known interactions with Moducare and any prescribed medication or natural supplement.

What about allergic reactions?

An allergic reaction is extremely unlikely, as Moducare™ contains no artificial colouring, preservatives, sweeteners or salicylates. It also contains no soy, sugar, acacia, barley, wheat, corn, millet, dairy, lactose, yeast, gluten or other common allergens.

Are sterols the same as steroids?

Sterols, including cholesterol, are in the same large classification family of steroids but they do not have the negative effects that are often associated with steroids. Every member of the steroid family has a different activity and only a few have negative effects.

Will these plant fats make me gain weight?

No. A capsule contains less than 1 calorie, which comes from the rice flour base. Plant fats, unlike animal fats, are not associated with weight gain.

Is this an immune "booster" like echinacea?

The key difference between echinacea and Moducare™ is that echinacea only stimulates the immune system, while Moducare™ balances it. Echinacea is not recommended for prolonged use, or for people with autoimmune conditions. Moducare™ allows the immune system to regulate itself: "upregulating" or boosting an underactive response and "downregulating" an overactive one.

Do I take Moducare™ for a few months and once my immune system is balanced, stop taking it?

Moducare™ is considered a daily supplement and should be taken as long as you want to aid the immune system to be balanced. Sterols and sterolins do not "fix" the immune system but give it the nutrients it needs to be balanced.

How should I take Moducare™?

Adults: 3 capsules daily, usually one in the morning, one midday, and one in the evening, taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

Children: 1 capsule per day for children under 5; 2 per day for children between 5 and 12; and children over 12 can take the adult dose. For very young children who are unable to swallow a capsule, the capsule can be opened and the contents mixed with applesauce or other fruit/vegetable.

Loading phase: When first starting to supplement with Moducare™, it is often a good idea (except where contraindicated) to double the daily requirement for the first week or so. This allows the body to build up its reserves as quickly as possible.

Do I have to take it on an empty stomach?

Moducare™ should be taken on an empty stomach - one half hour before or two hours after a meal for maximum absorption. However it can be taken with fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The important thing is to take it AWAY from cholesterol (animal fat), including all meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, etc. Cholesterol has a very similar molecular structure and the two compounds "compete" for absorption. You can also take Moducare™ with beverages, as long as they contain no cholesterol.

I have an allergy to pine. Since Moducare™ is extracted from pine, is there anything in the supplement that would cause a similar allergic reaction?

Moducare™ contains only the isolated molecules of the sterols and sterolins which have been extracted from pine trees (Pinus Maritima and Pinus Pinaster). There is none of the original plant in the final product. If you looked at these plant fat molecules in a laboratory, you would not be able to tell if they had been extracted from oranges, peas, almonds, etc. If you are still concerned, you can always start slowly with one-half or one capsule per day.

Is Moducare™ the same as Pine Bark extract?

No. Pine bark is an antioxidant and works differently in the body from the plant fats. Both are phytonutrients, meaning they are derived from plants.

How long before I might expect to see some results?

As with many natural supplements, it can take a period of time before you notice an improvement in your health. Although some people notice a difference before this time, we suggest that you take Moducare™ for two to three months before evaluating whether it is effective for you.

Are there any veterinary applications for Moducare™?

Yes, many veterinarians are using the product in their practice.

Suggested amounts for cats and dogs:

  • one capsule per day for cats and small dogs
  • one capsule twice per day for dogs over 50 pounds


If your pet is unable to swallow the capsule, you can open it and mix the powder with any fruit or vegetable e.g. applesauce, peanut butter, pumpkin. It is important to not give Moducare™ with a meal since pet foods usually contain cholesterol. You could give it one half hour before or two hours after the meal.

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