Where To Buy The Best Immune Support Supplement? Now Available In The United States

In 1984, Japanese scientists discovered that by hybridizing several mushrooms used in traditional healing they could develop a natural compound that would give the body what it needs to maintain a strong immune system." Named Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) it has a unique alpha-1,4 glucan structure and low molecular weight that provides support for the immune system's front-line defenses by helping your body:

  • Maintain peak Natural Killer cell function
  • Support enhanced cytokine production
  • Promote optimal T-cell and macrophage activity

Based on over 29 published studies and the clinical experience of hundreds of hospitals and tens of thousands of consumers, AHCC has become Japan's best selling immune enhancing supplement.

Now, its available in America as ImmPower AHCC where its gaining the endorsement of leading experts in nutritional medicine.




  • More than 20 published research articles
  • More than 200 human participants in controlled clinical studies
  • Clinical data from hundreds of doctors recorded by the AHCC Research Foundation


  • Multiple researchers (with no financial interest in the product's results) confirm the outstanding trial results
  • Used in over 700 hospitals, by thousands of customers

Less Expensive

  • Less expensive than other leading immune enhancing supplements

ImmPower Supports Your Immune System's Front Line Defenses

Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) are the white blood cells your immune system calls on first. The cytotoxic granules they carry are the chemical warfare ammunition NK cells use against invaders. ImmPower not only increases the total number of available NK cells, but supports granule formation within NK cells, arming them and supporting your immune system's first line of defense.

immpower supplement facts

ImmPower promotes enhanced cytokine production. These are the chemical messengers your immune system uses to call in the body's defenses, coordinating the functioning of your immune system's Macrophages, T-Cells and B-Cells. T-Cells are white blood cells responsible for cell mediated immunity — the integrated response required for the successful defense of your health. Macrophages produce cytokines, start the process of antibody production and through phagocytosis, directly destroy invaders.

What This Means To Your Health

In effect, your body is constantly at war with millions of microscopic assailants that float through the air, enter our body through our food and water, and are on every object we handle, every hand we shake. Under the best of circumstances you can't avoid contact with these potentially harmful organisms. During flu season, it is impossible.

The exquisite design of your body provides the ultimate defense against these invaders. Your immune system has an army of trillions of white blood cells that are constantly on patrol. When functioning properly, the immune system identifies, remembers, attacks and destroys the vast majority of invaders before they can cause any harm.

Maintaining Your Guard

Ideally, you maintain your immune system's guardians at a level capable of rendering every attack harmless. Stress, inadequate diet, lack of exercise, depression, and the aging process all weaken the body's abilities to defend itself.

Your Defenses

Medical research shows that you can support the peak functioning of your immune system. Lifestyle changes that reduce stress, increase exercise, improve nutrition, and the use of direct immune support supplements — ImmPower — combine to create a web of support for a healthy immune system.

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